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Familiar Faces & Places

Most Americans visit Europe as tourists. When they go, they go to see different cultures and new places; historical monuments and museums; old architecture and natural wonders. This is all well and good. I also enjoy being a tourist and wish I had more opportunities to explore new cities and cultures. But as I reflected…

Thoughts From a Week Ago

I’m going to Slovenia this summer — a trip made possible by the rejection from a much-desired internship. The main emotions I feel towards this trip are excitement and gratitude, but as I continue to anticipate the arrival of July 13, I find myself reminiscing on the memories I last made while there and am…

2.5 Generation

A few nights ago, as I lay in bed staring at my dark ceiling, I thought of the movie “Brooklyn.” The film tells the story of a young, Irish woman named Ellis who immigrates to New York. (If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.) I first watched this film with my mother, who…

Dream World

I dream vivid dreams every night. I have multiple recurring dreams, and I also have dreams within dreams more frequently than the average person. I often tell friends and family about my dreams each morning, knowing my descriptions don’t do justice to the images in my head. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized that not…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Megan! I started this blog with hopes to encourage, inspire, and uplift other people of faith who may be going through similar struggles, whether it be school, identity, comparison, spending time with God, or perfectionism. I hope you’ll stick around, and that you leave here inspired to pursue Jesus and the peace only He can bring. 

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