Hey there! My name is Megan Fiona Wilhelm. I’m a student at Azusa Pacific University studying journalism and honors humanities. I’m originally from Dallas, Texas but also took a gap year after high school to live in my mom’s home country, Slovenia, for 9 months! I am passionate about fashion, travel, and Jesus and started this blog with hopes to encourage others in their faith who may be going through similar struggles, whether it be school, identity, comparison, spending time with God, or perfectionism.

I’ve been dreaming about having a platform to talk about my faith ever since I started my old blog (which you can find at meganfiona.wordpress.com). I started that blog after moving to Slovenia to update friends and family about my experiences living in a foreign country and all that I was learning. That blog not only revealed to me my love for writing and desire to pursue journalism in college, but also the joy I get from sharing my faith with others.

I hope you leave this blog feeling uplifted, encouraged, inspired, and understood. Most of all, I hope this blog brings glory to the Father, and that you leave with a greater desire to pursue Jesus and the peace only He can give you.

And thank you for reading. This little dream of mine would not be possible without the support I get from you. I hope you’ll stick around!

This picture was taken at a point in my life when I felt immense peace.
Sunset at Big Sur, California during the spring break trip I took with my mom in early March 2020.
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