The Difference

Long time, no blog. Back in November, I spoke about the opportunity I left behind to study abroad in Oxford, England. Since then, I’ve found myself pondering on occasion how different life would look right now had I decided to go.

I haven’t been able to imagine myself in Oxford. No sort of image comes to mind. Not one of me studying in a library nor drinking tea at a local shop. No images of train travel or weekend getaways to London.

I like to believe this lack of imagery is because I was not meant to go — because God wanted me in California. And maybe that’s true. But perhaps my lack of imagination surrounding Oxford is also because I’ve never been. It’s hard to say. 

Either way, I’m content with where I am.

Although I’ve had my moments of FOMO surrounding Oxford, each time I find myself in this mindset, I remember the people I’m surrounded by in California. Truly, they make all the difference.

I haven’t really made any new friends; instead, I am surrounded by old ones. The same friends who have been with me since my freshman year. By staying in California, the Lord has richly blessed me with deepened friendships — friendships that would have lost momentum had I left for the semester.

I’m halfway through this semester and have already had so many fun adventures, whether beach days, coffee shops and homework, or spending quality time with my sister. Also, the mask mandate has finally been lifted at my school and I cannot wait to go back to class after this spring break and show off my smile! It’s been a long time coming, and I can’t wait to see my professors’ and classmates’ faces.

Most of all, God has blessed me richly with his presence and an increased love and desire for Him this semester. Even now, as I go through a dry spell in my relationship with Him, I know He is continually pursuing me and working for my good because that’s just the kind of God He is. During weeks like these where I’m tempted to believe in a works-based gospel, He reminds me that His grace is sufficient. Hallelujah.

As I sit here at my family’s kitchen table in Texas, I am also grateful for the week I’ve gotten to spend at home. I love my family and I often miss them while away (thankfully, I have Mack). It’s been such a gift to spend a week with them doing both the fun and mundane. 

Thank you all for reading; keep pursuing Him and His peace,


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